Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Blurring of the 4th Wall

With their advanced futuristic perceptions of technology and use of special effects, sci-fi movies have been working to eliminate the fourth wall for decades. The fourth wall is essentially the movie or TV screen that divides fiction from reality. The most recent advance in this futuristic technology is the use of 3D in feature length movies such as Avatar. Avatar's special effects and futuristic plot left audiences raving about the film. However, it is not long until even this technology becomes outdated.

Audiences are no longer satisfied by just going to a movie anymore, they want to be a part of what they are experiencing. Filmmakers have to work harder and harder to impress movie-goers who want to be wowed everytime. Audiences want to feel immersed in the danger and excitement occurring on the screen while still feeling safe behind the fourth wall that has been blurred by advances such as 3D and entirely hand-held films such as Cloverfield. Sci-fi movies have always been on the forefront of new movie-making techniques and incorporating technology to increase the audience's enjoyment. As the fourth wall continues to fall audiences will continue to build a tolerance against the most realistic and immerseful technologies movies can throw at them. Like the past the future will be a fight between the new technology and the audience expectation; with no winner in sight.

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