Friday, February 5, 2010

Apple Tablet Response

The line between technologies continues to blur. The iPod and iPhone started it all of with the do-it-all devices that can multi-task as computers, phones, music players, and gaming devices. Apple has revolutionized the technological world since the early 2000s with its products and now in 2010 it has taken it a step further with the iPad. For whatever reason Apple has always been the first to the starting line when it comes to new technology. Despite the many criticisms of Apple and its products there is no denying that they are always on the cutting edge of new products and always set the bar a little bit higher each time they develop something new.

Whether the iPad succeeds or not I don't believe is the issue, I believe it has more to do with their ability to take risks and most of the time benefit from them. Apple is unarguably responsible for defining the 21st century music player, cell phone/smart phone, and laptop computer, the Apple Tablet is just another step in their continued trend-setting technology that all other companies can only mimic.

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