Monday, May 3, 2010

Video Art: "Nails On A Chalkboard"

For my Video Art Piece I filmed subjects from front and back simultaneously in front of green screen. I then keyed out the green and place the two images together to create a shot/reaction shot without having to cut.

My subjects were listening to "Mycenae Alpha" by Iannis Xenakis, which is a very unpleasant sound. I turned it up really loud in the headphones and they were pretty much surrounded by the sound which made it very uncomfortable (you'll see I tried it).

I took inspiration for my piece from Nam June Paik and another video artist I studied in another class named Bruce Nauman. Nauman was known for tortorous video installations such as these.


  1. I really liked your idea of using such an awful sound to get reactions out of people. It was so funny to see the look on some of their faces!! Have a great summer!

  2. The nails on the chalkboard was a horrible noise, however made a great video with the reactions of the people listening to it. I really liked how your showed each individual from the front and backside.

  3. I thought that your video was a little too long. You probably could have filmed just two or three people and had it be equally effective without your audience getting bored. I'm glad that you tried it at the end too, though, so you got to suffer along with your friends.

  4. Wow. When we heard this song in class I tried to block the memory and pray that I never heard it again, so thanks a lot for that hahaha I can only imagine how horrible it would be in the headphones. I think it was really cool how you used a green screen in your video and it came out looking awesome. Great job!